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Bristol Conference 2020

19 April 2021 in Bristol, England

The Association of Dress Historians is delighted to announce its annual International Conference of Dress Historians, which this year is titled:

Costume Drama:
A History of Clothes for Stage and Screen

The conference will be held on 19 April 2021 at the historic Coopers Hall at the Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol, BS1 4ED, England. Built in 1766, Bristol Old Vic is the oldest continuously working theatre in the English–speaking world.

Please click here to read the full conference programme, which includes all conference event dates and details.

Conference tickets are available now at

Conference ticket prices start at £30 and include coffee and networking breaks, lunch, and access to a wide range of paper presentations. Tickets must be purchased online before the conference.

Please join us for an exciting day of research in dress history!


Please join The Association of Dress Historians twitter conversation @DressHistorians, and tweet about our 19 April 2021 Costume Drama conference with hashtag #ADHCostumeDrama.

The following 17 papers will be presented at the conference:

Tracing the Phantom: The Creation of a Legend

Janne Helene Arnesen

The National Museum, Oslo, Norway


The Role of Costume in Communicating Experiences to Audiences in the Developing Medium of Narrative Cinema

Bethan Bide

University of Leeds, Leeds, England


Flesh Coloured Satin and Outfits a l’Antique: Costume Practises on the Early Modern Stage

Stephanie Blythman

Independent Scholar, London, England


What Price Hollywood? Collecting Costume from the Silver Screen

Raissa Bretaña

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, United States


Costumes as Palimpsest: Exploring the Memory and Embodiment of Narrative through Re–Used Costumes in Film and Theatre

Amelia Brookins

University College London, London, England


Extrapolating History: Researching the Under–Represented:  Cinematic Depictions of Nineteenth Century Dress in Connemara, Ireland

Clodagh Deegan

Independent Scholar, Dublin, Ireland


Hollywood Glamour: The Influence of Film Costume on Dressmaking Patterns in the 1930s

Victoria Haddock

University of Brighton, Brighton, England


Image and Reality: The Costumes of Modern Dance Pioneer Ruth St. Denis

Caroline Hamilton

University of Brighton, Brighton, England


Mastering the Cut: The Emergence of Historical Costume Cutting at the Central School of Art, London

Amy Hare

Bristol University, Bristol, England


Lynn Nottage’s Intimate Apparel: Clothes Tell the Story

Charlotte Headrick

Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon


Imperial Dreams: An Analysis of the Costume Characterisation of Anastasia Romanov

Emily Mackey

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada


Ecclesiastical Vestments as Costume in Early Liturgical Drama

Paul McFadyen

University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland


In the Closet with Gentleman Jack: A Nineteenth Century Lesbian Dressed for the Modern Eye

Eleanor Medhurst

University of Brighton, Brighton, England


…And the Dresses Designed by Miss Rein

Rebecca Morrison

Queen Mary University and V&A, London, England


Sweeping Statements: The Cape in American Cinema, 1920–1935

Stephanie Sporn

New York University, New York, United States


Second–Hand Shylock: Material Recycling of a Theatrical Type

Gary Watt

University of Warwick, Coventry, England


Disrobing the Dragon Lady: Deconstructing the Qipao in American Cinema

Felicia Yao

Independent Scholar, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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