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ADH membership is open to anyone who has an interest in dress and textile histories. Membership is only 10.00 GBP per year and is valid from the date of purchase.

The support of our Members helps us to benefit scholarship with our conferences and events, Awards, and to operate The Journal of Dress History.

ADH Board and Executive Committee Alumni

The Association of Dress Historians acknowledges and appreciates the contribution of past honorary volunteers:

Past Trustees:
Lisa Bartup (2020-2022)
Jane Shepard (2016-2019)
Tara Tierney (2015-2021)
Janet Mayo (2015-2021)
Jennifer Daley (2015-2021)
Helen Margaret Walter (2011-2016)
Jane Bridgeman (2011-2015)

Past Chairs:
Jennifer Daley (2015-2021)
Jane Bridgeman (2011-2015)

Past Secretaries:
Tara Tierney (2015-2020)
Anna Reynolds (2011-2015)

Past Treasurers:
Lisa Bartup (2019-2021)
Jane Shepard (2016-2019)
Helen Margaret Walter (2010-2016)

Past Membership Officers:
Vanessa Jones (2018-2020)
Sequoia Barnes (2017)
Teleica Kirkland (2016)
Jenny Evans (2015)
Alexis Romano (2013-2015)
Uthra Rajgopal (2011-2013)

Honorary Lifetime Membership Recipients:
Jennifer Daley (2021)
Mary Schoeser (2009)
Aileen Ribeiro (1991)