The Association of Dress Historians supports and promotes the study and professional practice of the history of dress, textiles, and accessories of all cultures and regions of the world, from before classical antiquity to the present day.

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The Association of Dress Historians is a non–profit educational charity run by teams of volunteers. All passionately committed to the study and dissemination of dress and textiles histories, you can meet them and read more about their interests in the sidebar links on this page.

A brief history of The Association of Dress Historians

In 1965, The Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London) established the first academic course in Dress History. Stella Mary Newton headed the course until 1975, when Aileen Ribeiro assumed the role. In 1991, under Aileen Riberio’s tenure, The Courtauld History of Dress Association (CHODA) was founded by MA degree graduates in Dress History at The Courtauld Institute, who wished to encourage the continued study of dress and textile history, support the Dress History course and financially support for its students.

In early 2011, as a consequence of the successful growth of degree programmes concerned with dress and textile history and greater general interest in the discipline, it was felt appropriate to open membership beyond the MA course at The Courtauld. In 2011, CHODA was renamed The Association of Dress Historians (ADH) and registered with The Charity Commission for England and Wales, officially opening the charity as an organisation for public benefit.
The logo of The Association of Dress Historians was designed in 2017 by Janet Mayo, ADH Patron.

The logo is a monogram of ADH, the interwoven letters represent the interdisciplinary nature of the charity’s values and interests.

ADH initiatives are governed and led by the ADH Trustee Board with operational leadership by ADH Executive Committee, with support from Sub-Committee teams.

ADH Trustee Board

ADH Executive Committee


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