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Our annual New Research in Dress History Conference will be held on Friday, 24 May 2019 at The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Please join us for an exciting day of scholarship in dress history!
Conference tickets start at £25 and include lunch. Ticketing information is here:
Nineteen speakers will present the following papers at the conference, listed as follows in alphabetical order.
Halfway between Private Noblewoman and Public Icon: Costume of the Dogaressa of Venice from the Sixteenth Century
Maria S. Adank
Mapping 1790s Fashion: From Artifactual Research to Citizen Science Input
Anne Bissonnette
Gold Trimming on the Costumes of King Karl X Gustav of Sweden, 1654-1660
Lena Dahrén
The Supreme Law for the Hat Is To Be Ravishing: The Theatre Hat Problem in America, 1875-1915
Harper Franklin
Clothing Republican Queens: Women’s Dress and Material Culture in Seventeenth-Century Genoa
Ana Howie
Researching the Remnant: Japanese Boro and the Designing of Frugality in Contemporary Fashion
Leren Li
The Female Fashion Suppliers to Empress Eugénie in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Paris
Alison McQueen
Medieval Bishops’ Vestments and the Performance of Masculinity
Paul McFadyen
Landed-Estate Clothing Societies in Rural Ulster, Ireland, 1830-1914
Eliza McKee
Maison Martin Margiela: At the Crossroads of Art and Fashion with a Unique Creative Process, 1988-2013
Soo Young Menart
Liberating the Natural Movement: Dress Reform and Historical References in the Self-Expression of Isadora Duncan, 1896-1927
Alicia Mihalic
Early Modern Consumption Revisited: Clothes, Practices, and Social Relations in Seventeenth-Century Tallinn, Swedish Baltic Empire
Astrid Pajur
Marketing Mourning: Courtaulds’ Artificial Silk Crape and the Attempted Revival of Sartorial Mourning in France in the 1920s and 1930s
Laura Polucha
Party-Coloured Plaid and Its Use in the Eighteenth-Century North American Colonies
Michael Ballard Ramsey
Books of Secrets and Artisans’ Dress in Italy, 1550-1650
Michele Nicole Robinson
Sport and Sociability: Fashion, Cycling, and Other Physical Practices in the First Brazilian Republic, 1889-1930
Natália de Noronha Santucci
A Look at the Life and Career of Mary of Guise through the Lens of the Royal Wardrobe in Sixteenth-Century Scotland
Francesca Scantlebury
Nation, Dress, National Dress: The Development of Antonio Rodríguez’ General Collection of Costumes, Published in 1801
Danielle Smith
Wedding Shoes: The Hidden Gem
Pam Walker
All paper presentations at The New Research in Dress History Conference are 15 minutes in length and are followed by a Q&A session.
Please direct any questions regarding this conference to Jennifer Daley at chairman@dresshistorians.org.
Thank you for supporting the ADH, our conference speakers, and scholarship in dress history!

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