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The Editorial Board of The Association of Dress Historians manages the content and production of The Journal of Dress History, supported by the Advisory Board.

The Editorial Board of The Journal of Dress History

A summary of editorial contributors to The Journal of Dress History 2017-2023 can be found here.

Benjamin Linley Wild
Benjamin Linley Wild
Executive Committee Member

Dr. Benjamin Linley Wild, FRHistS, is a cultural historian and currently Lecturer in Contextual Studies (Fashion) at The Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University, England. Interested in the dress and appearance of a society’s leaders and elite, his research also considers the self- and group-presentation of people marginalised by their community. Specific areas of research interest and publishing include: history of clothing and fashion, fancy dress costume, royal dress and appearance, menswear, and masculinities. Benjamin’s most recent book, Carnival to Catwalk: Global Reflections on Fancy Dress Costume, was published by Bloomsbury in February 2020. Benjamin can be reached at

Valerio Zanetti
Valerio Zanetti
Managing Editor

Valerio Zanetti completed a PhD in History at The University of Cambridge, England, where his project on female equestrianism in seventeenth century France was funded by the AHRC and the Cambridge Trust. He currently holds a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Society for Renaissance Studies and continues teaching at Cambridge. His research and publications investigate various aspects of women’s athletic culture in the Early Modern period, with a particular focus on horseback riding and hunting. During his doctorate, Valerio cultivated a strong interest in the study of fashion, embodiment, and material culture. During 2017-2019, he co-convened the “Things” and “Interdisciplinary Performance Network” seminar series at CRASSH. His 2018 conference “Fashioning the Early Modern Courtier” fostered a dialogue between the fields of dress history and court studies. Valerio can be reached at

Georgina Chappell
Georgina Chappell
Commissioning Editor

Georgina Chappell is a lecturer in Fashion Cultures at Manchester Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. After many years working in technical system design for the banking industry, her academic background in history led her back to dress history. Georgina’s research interests include the influence of the avant-garde on fashion in the early twentieth century; early twentieth century beauty culture; fashion in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR); and Eve magazine, 1919-1929. Georgina completed a Master’s degree at Manchester Fashion Institute and Manchester School of Art with a dissertation, titled, An Investigation into the Influence of the Avant-Garde, Bohemia, and Modernism on Women’s Lifestyle and Fashion, 1919-1929, with Particular Reference to Eve Magazine. Georgina can be reached at

Caroleen Molenaar
Exhibition Reviews Editor

Caroleen Molenaar is an emerging dress historian, museum professional, and editor. She completed a BA in Fashion and Dress History at The University of Brighton, England, and an MA in Museum Studies at The University of Leicester, England. Her MA dissertation focused on how Canadian museums have decolonized Canadian Indigenous clothing in their online museum collections. In 2021 Caroleen set her sights on becoming an editor for dress history and museum-related publications, and has begun taking online editing courses at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. Additionally, she has been a Digital Communications Assistant for the ADH since 2020 and was awarded an ADH Student Fellowship, also in 2020. Her dress history interests include Canada’s fashion history, sustainable fashion practices, and the role and display of fashion in museums. Caroleen can be reached at

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Shelley Tobin
Book Reviews Editor

Contact Shelley by email at