My Spring Semester Internship at The Costume Institute

As a recipient of The Madeleine Ginsburg Grant, I was able to undertake a curatorial internship in The Costume Institute. On my first day, I met with my supervisor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s (The Met) cavernous Great Hall. Vases of flowers bloomed through the space, which was especially bustling for a weekday in late winter. After briefly chatting with my supervisor, a research associate within The Costume Institute, I was led downstairs to the department where I would be working.

The database I will be usingisThe Museum System, more commonly known as TMS. TMS will allow for me to update the “Bibliography” section of individual items, which will be viewable online. When a visitor clicks on an object’s page, they will be able to not only to find out which publicationsdiscuss said object but will also have access to all necessary publication information, including page numbers. I will also scan these books and upload their pages to TMS, so that they will be viewable for intra-museum personnel.

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