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The ADH Lecture & Conversation Series
Winter 2020/2021

Hosted by The Association of Dress Historians

Please direct any questions to communications@dresshistorians.org.

Series Overview:

This winter, ADH members are invited to join the inaugural Lecture & Conversation Series via the virtual platform zoom.

The series will bring together Lectures from emerging scholars studying or practicing within the fields of dress history and fashion studies, along with Conversations from authors of articles published in The Journal of Dress History.

Our hope is to create a space for ADH members to shed light on particular topics within both dress history and fashion studies, and for the exchange of knowledge to be facilitated at a time when in–person conferences and networking events are challenging to hold.

For more information and for the series programme, please view this document.

These events are free to ADH members.

ADH Members:

Existing members will receive a code via email that will enable them to claim their free pass on the Eventbrite registration page, here: https://tinyurl.com/ADH-L-and-C-Series.

If you’re not yet an ADH member but would like to attend, please purchase an ADH membership (only £10 per year) at https://dresshistorians.org/wp/membership.


The following is the Winter 2020/2021 Lecture & Conversation Series Schedule:

18 November 2020, 1pm GMT
“Thing to Wear” to “Thing to Undress:”
Representation of Japanese Kimonos in Late Victorian Paintings

Allie Yamaguchi
The University of Tsukuba
Ibaraki, Japan

26 November 2020, 7pm GMT
Luxury and Excess:
The Fan as the Ultimate Fashion Accessory, 1850–1900

Scott Schiavone
The Fan Museum
Greenwich, England

10 December 2020, 7pm GMT
Addicted to Frills:
The Fervour for Antique Lace in New York High Society, 1840–1900

Elena Kanagy–Loux
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, United States

15 December 2020, 6pm GMT
Twentieth Century Mexican Jewellery Aesthetics and its Mesoamerican Roots

Berke Gold
Centro University
Mexico City, Mexico

8 January 2021, 7pm GMT
Dressed for Knowledge:
Fashioning the First Female University Students from Central and Eastern Europe, 1860–1910

Marta Kargol
Independent Researcher

14 January 2021, 7pm GMT
“The Awful Significance of Trousers:”
Illustrating Gender through Workwear, 1914–1918

Jenny Richardson
Independent Researcher

20 January 2021, 7pm GMT
Widowers’ Weeds:
Men’s Victorian Mourning Fashion, 1837–1901

Anne Toewe
University of Northern Colorado
Colorado, United States

26 January 2021, 7:30pm GMT
The House of Isobel:
Researching British–Made Interwar Design through the Image Archive

Hannah Wroe
University of Lincoln
Lincoln, England

1 February 2021, 7pm GMT
From PPE to Fashion and Art and Back Again:
TYVEK® Stories from the ATOPOS cvc Collection

Myrsini Pichou
Athens, Greece

9 February 2021, 7pm GMT
Portraits and Performance:
Eighteenth Century Dress and the Culture of Appearances in Spanish America

Laura Beltrán–Rubio
College of William and Mary
Virginia, United States

17 February 2021, 7pm GMT
Uncovering Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo’s Fascination with Islamic Visual Culture in his Garment and Textile Designs

Kirsten Burrall
Syracuse University
New York, United States

25 February 2021, 7pm GMT
Red Russians:
Analysing Court Dress Regulations through Comparing Similar Late Nineteenth Century Imperial Russian Court Gowns

Emily Elizabeth Mackey
John Wiley & Sons
Ontario, Canada

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30 September – 1 October 2022
Fashioning the Body for Sport and Leisure

27 May 2022
New Research in Dress History Conference

21-22 October 2021
Curation and Conservation:
Dress and Textiles in Museums

Turin Long Conference Programme

7-13 June 2021
The New Research in Dress History Conference

Winter 2020/2021
ADH Lecture & Conversation Series

25–26 October 2019
The Victorian Age:
A History of Dress, Textiles, and Accessories, 1819–1901

24 May 2019
The New Research in Dress History Conference

26 October 2018
Dress and War:
Clothing and Textiles at Home and Abroad during the First World War Era, 1910–1920

13-14 April 2018
The New Research in Dress History Conference

27-28 October 2017
Dress that Crosses Borders and Challenges Boundaries

25 February 2017
The New Research in Dress History Conference

5 November 2016
Out of the Dark and into the Light?
Dress in the Early Modern Period and the Age of Enlightenment, 1400–1800

20 February 2016
The New Research in Dress History Conference

31 October 2015
Survival and Revival:
Clothing Design that Survives and Fashion Trends that Are Revived

21 February 2015
The New Research in Dress History Conference

12 July 2014
The Legality of Dress:
Historical and Modern Approaches to the Control of Clothing and Textile Production

15 November 2013
16 February 2013
23 June 2012
5 November 2011

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