The Association of Dress Historians supports and promotes the study and professional practice of the history of dress, textiles, and accessories of all cultures and regions of the world, from before classical antiquity to the present day.

ADH Treasury Sub-Committee

Sue Bennett
Sue Bennett,
Treasurer and Trustee

Sue Bennett is a chartered accountant with many years’ experience, much of which has been gained in the public sector in the UK. Although currently taking a career break whilst living in Austria, Sue has experience of working with Boards and Audit Committees in various roles and has held voluntary posts as a school governor. Sue has a keen lifelong interest in textiles and clothing, which is reflected in the exhibitions she seeks out and hobbies she pursues. She was taught to sew by her mother and makes some clothes as well as quilts, and she is an amateur weaver.

Laura Perez Hernandez
Laura Pérez Hernández,
Deputy Treasurer

Laura Pérez Hernández is the Deputy Treasurer of The Association of Dress Historians. She is a post-doctoral researcher interested in social and fashion history in the European eighteenth century and how eighteenth century newspapers constructed women’s identities. She is currently working as a Research Coordinator of Sustainable Futures Research Theme at Nottingham Trent University, England. Recently, Laura earned a PhD from the Department of Early Modern History at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain, with a thesis, titled, Female Fashion in Spain and England in the Eighteenth Century: Majismo and Its Social Scope, 1750-1800. During 2017-2018, she had a scholarship in the Department of Spanish, Latin American and Portuguese Studies at The University of Nottingham, England, to complete her international research. In 2014, Laura earned an MA in Early Modern History from the University Complutense of Madrid when she started to research women´s fashion and its representations in press and engravings across the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Laura can be reached at email laura.hernandez@dresshistorians.org.


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The ADH Treasury Sub-Committee manages ADH financial responsibilities and compliance.

The ADH acknowledges and appreciates the contribution of Past Treasurers:

Lisa Bartup (2019-2021)
Jane Shepard (2016-2019)
Helen Margaret Walter (2010-2016)


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